Software Programs

IPA NotepadDownload

The IPA Notepad is a simple program to enable you to type characters from the international phonetic alphabet. This program is free for personal or educational use.

Challenge /r/ – Download

Challenge /r/ is a program that is used for presentation /r/ words in speech-language treatment sessions. Utilizing an adaptive hierarchical framework to present /r/ sounds with continually increasing levels of complexity, Challenge /r/ modifies the stimulus based on the client’s performance in the treatment session, as determined by the treating clinician. The program can be used to track accuracy within and across treatment sessions. This program is free and open source.

Please visit the Challenge /r/ software page for more information –

Perception Task – Download

The Perception Task is a /r/, /w/ discrimination task in which the user is presented with the audio of a spoken word and then required to select the corresponding orthographic representation on the screen. Accuracy is calculated based on the response, and can be tracked across sessions. This program is free and open source.

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